What is a tire load rating?

Are you hauling groceries - or bricks? The Load Rating or Load Index indicates how much weight each tire can safely support.

Every tire's load rating is stamped into its sidewall, usually after the words "Max Load". Sometimes this will be given in pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg), but it is often given as a rating code — a number between 71 and 110.

If your tires have this code, you can use the chart below to see how much weight each tire can support. Then multiply the weight by four - or the number of wheels on your car or truck. That's how much your tires can safely carry.

When you get new tires, make sure they have the same or higher load rating than the tires that came on the car or truck when it was new.

When you buy tires at any of our stores, we always check for you.

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